Hemisphere Design Works

Who We Are

We are what we make.

We make lifestyle water vessels that run on human power. Fueled by innovation and American craftsmanship, we lead the empowerment movement, delivering the performance, value, and ease of use that allows our users to take control on the water.

Water covers 71% of our earth. It’s the driving force of all things natural. Historically, our oceans connected people and cultures … the original social network. Today, humans are more connected than at any time in history.  But our increased connectivity can leave us disconnected; adrift and stripped of our own power. This is why we launched Hemisphere Design Works, to help our users reconnect and engage their own power.

Whether you’re on a pond, river, lake, or ocean; regardless of age, lifestyle or budget, we exist to empower you on the water. We’ve merged two great companies with a legacy of over 40 years in the human powered boat business to lead this movement and ensure that every adventurer has an easy and accessible way to truly be alive and in control.

Stronger together … we are the 71 percenters … a like-minded tribe with a paddle that beats our drums like an anthem in our very own hearts.

At Hemisphere, we believe that you are what you make.  We make human powered moments.